Outdoor Frequently Asked Questions

What does an outside air kit do and do I need one?

An outside air kit provides additional combustion air to the fireplace that feeds the fire with oxygen from outside your home. This will help the performance on any fireplace installed in tightly-constructed or well-insulated home. If you are installing a wood burning or B-Vent gas fireplace, you should consider installation of an outside air kit.

What does the term "zero clearance" mean?

The term "zero clearance" has two meanings. The first is whether or not the fireplace can be placed on a floor without footings. The second meaning of zero clearance is if you are able to finish up to the face of the fireplace, so that no metal shows after installation is complete. There are several models on our website that are capable of this clean-faced, zero clearance finish.

I want a freestanding natural gas stove for my outdoor covered patio. Can any of your indoor gas stoves be used outside? The stove will be on a deck that has a roof.

There is no stove style gas unit approved for exterior use, the chimera style gas unit and the open campfire units are the only off the shelf units available.

We do offer outdoor gas fireplaces and see-through gas fireplaces that can be installed for use both indoors and outdoors if installed into an exterior wall.

I'm looking for an outdoor, built-in, gas fireplace.

There is not a unit specifically for this purpose. There is however, stainless wood burning units which you build in then install gas log sets into.

Is an outdoor wood-burning fireplace permitted in my area?

Each municipality has its own bylaws regarding this issue. Most town/city websites have a section pertaining to bylaws if you are unsure, or you can contact your local town councillor or mayor's office for more information.

There are a number of gas alternatives available for outdoor installation, some built in and others free standing.

Do we need a vent for an exterior fireplace?

There are several exterior gas fireplaces on the market which do not require venting off the top or rear of the unit; they simply vent out the front. However for the best flame effect, install a zero-clearance wood-burning fireplace complete with venting, or a full masonry fireplace, and install a gas log set.

I am interested in installing a natural gas patio heater. What is approximate cost of running a gas line about 20ft and installing a gas valve? There is gas on the property.

f the gas line is run on the house or a solid surface the cost would be $225. This would include a basic quick connect which would be required to plug in a heater if it is a portable model. If you are planning in installing a fixed unit, the cost would depend upon the style of heater chosen.

Can I convert an existing wood burning stove to gas?

You may find a log set burner small enough to fit into your stove or have a custom burner made to fit. You'll also have to get the gas into the stove without compromising the integrity of the stove. The door must be removed so as not to melt the gas valve or the controls outside the stove.

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