An Insert retrofits an existing masonry (wood) fireplace to allow it to burn a different fuel or to make it more efficient at burning fuel or producing usable heat.

Valor G3 Modern Gas Insert
Modern Gas Insert
Regency I2400 Traditional Wood Insert
Traditional Wood Insert


A Stove is a free-standing unit that sits on a pedestal base or legs.

Valor Lift Modern Gas Stove
Modern Gas Stove
Regency F2400 Traditional Wood Stove
Traditional Wood Stove


A Factory-Built (or Zero Clearance) Fireplace is a metal or cast firebox (gas or wood) that can be placed safely next to combustible material without risk of fire.

A Factory-Built GAS Fireplace typically vents directly to the outside and does not require a chimney.

A Factory-Built WOOD Fireplace generally uses a metal chimney that is vented vertically to above the roof. Most manufactured fireplaces require an offset in the chimney. A pre-fabricated mantel and/or framing and drywall will be required to finish the fireplace.

Valor H4 Modern Gas Fireplace
Modern Gas Fireplace
Icon 60 Traditional Wood Fireplace
Traditional Wood Fireplace

The Look and Feel That is Right for You

There are a wide variety of traditional and contemporary styles available for inserts, stoves and fireplaces. We can easily supply you with an insert, stove or fireplace that matches the style of your room.

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