What is a P/M?

Preventative Maintenance Cleaning (P/M) service call maintains the efficiency and improves the visual appearance of your gas fireplace. Potential problems may be identified and parts and labour, if required, can be estimated for your approval. By performing regular preventative maintenance, problems can be isolated and resolved before they become larger, more expensive problems for you.

15-Point Cleaning & Safety Inspection

Our 15-point cleaning and safety inspection consists of the following:

  1. Clean glass, the inside of the firebox, and the control department.
  2. Inspect glass and gasket.
  3. Clean and inspect pilot assembly.
  4. Clean and inspect main burner.
  5. Clean and inspect ignition system.
  6. Millivolt test electrical system.
  7. Check 100% safety shutoff mechanism.
  8. Check remote/on-off switch/thermostat for proper operation.
  9. Clean and inspect electrical control circuit.
  10. Clean and inspect fan, when accessible.
  11. Check spill safety/spillage switch when applicable and check for adequate draft and verify presence of CO detectors (unless you have a sealed direct-vent unit).
  12. Check logs for proper placement and damage.
  13. Replace batteries (extra charge) in remote control.
  14. Reconstruct the ember bed.
  15. Test fire the unit.

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Maintenance doesn't cost...it pays!
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