Save almost $1,200 on a Regency 38,000 BTU display model gas stove!

Ultimate U39

Ultimate U39B-NG13

  • 38,000 BTUs Gas Stove
  • Standing Pilot
  • Pedestal Base
  • Traditional Logs & Louvers
  • Variable Speed Blower
  • Safety Screen
  • Proflame Remote Control
This product may only be shipped to Toronto at this time.

The Regency Ultimate U39 medium-sized gas stove is the ideal choice if you don't have an existing chimney and want the convenience of a gas stove in your medium-sized room. The direct vent will protect your indoor air quality and allow you to vent your fireplace up and out of your home, leaving only the comfort and warmth of up to 38,000 BTU/hour for you and your loved ones to enjoy. The wrap-around ceramic glass window maximizes the fire view from all angles, making your U39 ideal for a corner application. 

Since your U39 is a gas stove, you can quickly and easily customize the heat output to match your comfort level. Your choice of optional remote control or thermostat will allow for up to 50% flame turndown. For further convenience, programmable remote controls and thermostats are available as well.

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This product may only be shipped to Toronto at this time.

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