Grandview 230

  • Grandview 230 wood stove pictured with pedestal base.Grandview 230 wood stove pictured with pedestal base.
  • Nickel cast coastal legs. Nickel cast coastal legs.

The Iron Strike Grandview 230 wood stove features a cast iron heat exchanger to keep heat from escaping up your chimney, increasing the efficiency of your stove and delivering more heat for you and your loved ones to enjoy! Your Grandview 230 also includes a high-density firebrick that retains heat for a longer period of time and further increases the efficiency. For maximum efficiency, an optional heat-circulating 700-CFM blower is also available.

You can customize your Grandview 230 wood stove with your choice of pedestal base or legs in several styles. You can also choose between black, nickel, and steel door trim to complete your Grandview 230.

Specifications / Attributes

Maximum BTUs:
25 1/8"
26 5/8"
Lakeview Steel Legs
Black Cast Coastal Legs
Nickel Cast Coastal Legs
Steel Cast Coastal Legs
Black Cast Olympic Legs
Nickel Cast Olympic Legs
Steel Cast Olympic Legs
Optional 700 CFM blower
Log Size:
Up to 18"

Manufacturer Info

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This product may only be shipped to Toronto at this time.
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