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Don't let its size fool you — the Garnet is a champion. It's a little heater with a big heart. A diminutive footprint and impressive design features combine to make this smallest member of the Quadra-Fire family perfect for the bedroom, den or dining room. The Garnet is designed to be both attractive and economical, devoted to the zone heating concept - heat the space you're in, not the entire house.

The Garnet features the TrueGlow Burner, an exclusive from Quadra-Fire. The True Glow Burner sets a new standard for realism. The ceramic burner is moded from real wood pieces and coals. Flames rise from gas ports distributed throughout the glowing coal bed and lower logs, producing an incredibly active and varied fire. No need to hide the burner anymore. The TrueGlow Burner takes center stage.

Specifications / Attributes

17 7/8"
23 5/8"
15 3/8"
Open Style Front
Remote Control:
Optional programmable
Viewing Area:
97 sq. in.
Limited Lifetime

Manufacturer Info

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This product may only be shipped to Toronto at this time.
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