The FM400 MASS high-end woodburning fireplace is the smallest of the Valcourt line of MASS soapstone masonry wood fireplaces, but still delivers a stunning architectural statement and soothing warmth to you and your loved ones! The soapstone surround will retain and distribute heat for a longer period of time; this is known as thermal mass, and allows the heat from your FM400 MASS to be distributed evenly for several hours after the fire has burned out.

Specifications / Attributes

  • Contemporary
  • Single Sided
  • 39 3/8"
  • 53 1/8"
  • 23 1/2"
Firebox Capacity:
  • 2 cu. ft.
Burn Time:
  • Up to 10 hours
Log Size:
  • Up to 16"
Room Size:
  • Up to 700 sq. ft.
Viewing Area:
  • 15 1/4" x 16 1/8"
  • Limited Lifetime
Fuel Type:
  • Wood

Manufacturer Info

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This product may only be shipped to Toronto at this time.
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