The TRD-BESPOKE electric fireplace from Amantii is available in three sizes to fit your hearth application: 33" (TRD-33-BESPOKE), 38" (TRD-38-BESPOKE), and 43" (TRD-43-BESPOKE). Your TRD-BESPOKE is designed to replicate the presentation of a traditional wood fire; a log set in your choice of birch, oak, driftwood, or rustic wood is included. A set of Bluetooth speakers is also included to provide the sound of crackling fire.

Your TRD-BESPOKE electric fireplace is WiFi compatible, and can be paired with your smartphone to allow you to control your fireplace using your phone. A multifunction remote control is also included.

Specifications / Attributes

Width (TRD-33-BESPOKE):
31 3/4"
Height (TRD-33-BESPOKE):
22 1/4"
Depth (TRD-33-BESPOKE):
11 3/8"
Width (TRD-38-BESPOKE):
37 1/8"
Height (TRD-38-BESPOKE):
27 1/4"
Depth (TRD-38-BESPOKE):
12 3/8"
Width (TRD-44-BESPOKE):
43 1/4"
Height (TRD-44-BESPOKE):
31 5/8"
Depth (TRD-44-BESPOKE):
13 3/4"
Remote Control:
Multi-function (standard)
Viewing Area (TRD-33-BESPOKE):
18 3/4" x 29 7/8"
Viewing Area (TRD-38-BESPOKE):
23 5/8" x 35 1/4"
Viewing Area (TRD-44-BESPOKE):
28 1/8" x 41 3/8"
Log Set:
15-piece Driftwood
15-piece Birch
14-piece Rustic
10-piece Birch
10-piece Oak
Glass Media:
5-year Limited Warranty
Single Sided

Manufacturer Info

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This product may only be shipped to Toronto at this time.
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