Marquis II See-Through

The Majestic Marquis See-Thru clean face direct vent gas fireplace features two non-reflective glass sides to provide a "pass-through" effect in any wall in your home. You can use your Marquis See-Thru in a wall that divides two adjacent rooms, as well as an indoor/outdoor divider on an exterior wall in your home. For example, you could use it to divide a back porch and a living room.

Your Marquis See-Thru direct vent gas fireplace features the IntelliFire™ Touch Touchscreen Remote Control (Standard). You can use the remote to control the shutdown of the center burner, the range of BTU/hour delivery (from 27,000 to 56,000 BTU/hour), and the included accent light and dimmer controls.

Specifications / Attributes

43,000 - 57,500
up to 60.5%
See Through
Remote Control:
Touch screen remote control
Brick Liner:
Tavern Brown
Cottage Red
Limited Lifetime

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This product may only be shipped to Toronto at this time.
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