The Dave Lennox Elite Series Vintage direct vent gas stove.combines the convenience and reliability of gas with the timeless elegance of cast iron. The high-glow ceramic-fibre log set delivers a stunning log presentation whether your Vintage is on or off. The multi-port long-life burner creates a one-of-a-kind fire viewing experience. The functional and beautiful double-opening doors provide a spectacular viewing area. You can also choose from two cast-iron panel styles or the Gallo Veneziano stone panels to suit your discerning tastes.

Your Vintage gas stove will deliver years of soothing warmth to you, your friends and your loved ones! The high-efficiency heat exchanger will deliver reliable, consistent heat throughout your room, and the high-temperature NeoCeram glass provides safe, outstanding heat transfer. The 14-gauge aluminized steel firebox construction ensures durability and stability.

Your Vintage gas stove can either be top or back vented, depending upon which is more convenient to you. The optional remote control or wall thermostat provides simple controls.

If you have a non-combustible floor or low-pile (less than 1.5") carpet in your room, you can install your Vintage gas stove without a hearth pad. We also offer the two cast-iron styles and the Gallo Veneziano stone panels among other design options that will turn your Vintage into a beautiful room heater. For more information, contact us or visit one of our showrooms.


Due to dealer territorial restrictions and/or varying international safety standards, the Vintage can only be delivered to the Greater Toronto Area at this time. No shipping is available to the rest of Canada and the United States.

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